How Can You Help

For Savalee Balsadan:

  1. By accepting a boy’s or a girl’s yearly parenthood.
  2. By giving donations to Savalee, on the occasions like your birthdays, festivals like Diwali-Eid-Christmas.
  3. By arranging meal or breakfast for the children.
  4. By sharing, your experiences and views about Savalee, with us.
  5. By spending your time with the children. By visiting Savalee, to shoulder various responsibilities therein (like teaching them etc.).
  6. By sharing your personal skill (like dance, story-telling) at Savalee with the children. You may teach them computer, harmonium.
  7. By helping with the material donations like grocery items (rice, wheat, oil etc.), sprouts and vegetables. You may also donate school uniforms, casual wears, shoes, chappals, cycle, old laptops-computers etc.

For AdivasiVikas Project:

1. Nutritious Food Supply:

 The 684 undernourished children identified by Savalee, need nutritious food supply on daily basis. This would include food items like Upma, Shira, Khaarik, ShengdanaLaadu, RajgiraLaadu, Potato, Banana, etc. estimated cost is Rs.55 per child per day. That comes to approximately Rs.11 Lacs per month.  Similarly, 135 elderly folks and 450 women are identified as undernourished and diseased. They need nutritious food supply as well as immediate medical help.

2. Medical Aid:

One doctor (male/female/both) can be appointed for these nine tribal villages. Estimated remuneration to each doctor is Rs.25,000 per month.  Two medical assistants (ArogyaSevak) are required in every village. There should be one male and one female assistant attending villagers throughout the day/night. Estimated salary is Rs.5,000 per medical assistant. That comes to Rs.10,000 per village per month or Rs. 90,000 per month for 9 villages. Apart from these, huge amount of medicines and equipments are required for free clinics to be established in these villages.

3. Water Supply:

Water scarcity is one of the biggest hindrances against development of this region. Approximately 2,000 to 3,000 feet long pipeline is required for each village. Some 200 pipes of 3 inches size at the rate of Rs.424 each are required for this project. Piping cost comes to Rs.84,800 per village, excluding labour and other charges. As a model, this can be done for Mutkhel village first. It will benefit 1,400 villagers living here.

4. Counselling :

Villagers, young and old, men and women, need to be counselled and guided upon healthy and hygienic living. Workshops against addiction are highly required here.

5. Educational Support:

Children here are in great need of resources, infrastructure, and teachers for learning. Learning centers or night schools should be established in every village. Estimated salary of part-time teacher is Rs.3,000 per month. Total cost of salary for nine villages comes to Rs.27,000 per month. Teaching aids and educational material can be collected as donation from city area.

A strong literacy drive is required for adult villagers. Around 90 per cent of women are illiterate, leading to other problems regarding health and living. Literacy workshops or classes should be planned in all these villages.

Career guidance workshops, personality development workshops should be arranged for the youth in this area.

For Donations can be send with the Name of Sankalp Pratisthan
Bank Account Details for Direct Transfer:
Name ot the Account: Sankalp Pratishthan
Name of the Bank: Axis Bank, Tilak Road, Ahmednagar-414001
Bank Account Number: 913010004564483 (Saving Account)
Bank IFSC Code- UTIB0000215
MICR Code: 414211002

Trust Details:
Register Under Society Act. – 551
Public Trust Number - F 6426
PAN Number - AADTS7346C
TAN Number – PNES15779B
FCRA No. – 083720163
Donations are Tax Exemptions under Income Tax 80G
80G No. PN/CIT-1/80G/244/2010-11/4197 dt. 28/12/2010

Specific F.C.R.A. Registered Account:
Bank Name: State Bank of India
Branch: Ambikanagar (Kedgaon)
Ahmednagar (MS) India - 414005
IFSC Code: SBIN0008421
MICR Code: 414002627
Account Number: 11573053538

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