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Savalee Balsadan

  • ‘SAVALEE’ is a shelter home for destitute & deprived children. On January 5, 2001 we established the SankalpPratishthanSanchalitSavaleeBalsadan, Ahmednagar with space for 3 children. In the year May 2007, we moved to a better location in Bhushan Nagar, Kedgaon, Ahmednagar. The Premises was on Rental Basis. Total Number of Children was 23 at that time. With the help of donors, we purchased a land of 2000 Sq. ft. in the year 2006 and started construction in the year August 2009.
  • At the orphanage, we provide a safe and healthy environment for homeless, abandoned and orphaned children. The children receive shelter, meals, clothing and healthcare. They attend nearby schools and all necessary expenses, fees and education materials are provided by Happy Home. We want to offer them good facilities so that they may enjoy their leisure and thus, be able to experience a happy childhood.
  • We, at SavaleeBalsadan believe in the dignity and equality of every human being and do not promote the caste system. Nevertheless, we are aware that being considered as a 'lower caste', leads to social discrimination and is often a huge obstacle in the way out of poverty.

Unfair social structure, natural disasters, domestic violence, and lack of a social security system in Maharashtra predispose the children and women very vulnerable. The children here are fully taken care of their all basic needs of food, accommodation, education and healthcare.

Adivasi Vikas Project

  • The western end of Ahmednagar District is where Bhandardara Dam has been built in the Sahyadris. There are nine tribal villages in the back of Bhandardara Dam. These include Mutkhel, Ratanwadi, Sambarat, Panjare, Dhaytewadi, Ghatghar, etc. This region has been declared as RatangadAbhayaranya (Sanctuary). The villages are situated on hill-slope, surrounded by ranges of Sahyadri. The climate is extreme in all seasons - rains, winter, and summer. Extreme climatic conditions, lack of natural resources, illiteracy, and lack of development plans have affected the livelihood of tribes badly. Undernourishment and addiction are dominant problems of the entire population living in these tribal villages. Huge need of resources and development plan was identified by the SankalpPratishthan of Ahmednagar.
  • The volunteers of SankalpPratishthan (Savalee) started with need-based remedies and support activities, such as taking patients to nearby city hospitals, distributing food items and clothes, persuading villagers to quit addiction, etc. identifying further need of sustainable aid programme and development plan, Savalee Research Project was launched.
  • Volunteers of SankalpPratishthan (Savalee) have been working in this region since last five years. Serious patients from villages are taken to government hospital in Nashik, which is nearest city place from here. Arrangements are made for their treatment, medicines, and food. Considering loss of lives due to unavailability of medical aid, Savalee proposed free clinics in these villages. With enthusiastic support from villagers and generous people, free clinic was started in one of the villages.
  • Getting there, Drop by Drop Since safe drinking water is important for minimum survival and was a serious concern, it was the issue taken up first by Sankalp We educated people about cleanliness and hygiene around water sources and public water tanks. In Village Mutkhel, pipeline of 3551ft was constructed to bring water from  the Dam to Village.


Tree Plantation Project

  • The Current Project is “SankalpSavalicha”, which involves tree plantations  on roadside  and wastelands. Roadside plantings create a lasting impression of a city. A green city is regarded as clean and healthy – a place in which to relax and explore. Along roads and highways there are plenty of bare slopes and open spaces which could be planted. Trees along roadways also play a critical role in reducing air pollution from vehicle emissions.

The project is at its initial stage where we have started roadside plantation of approximately 625 trees on both sides of ‘Link Road’ which is about 4Km length. Plantation will be of Neem Trees. Funding will be required for purchase of seedlings, purchase of agriculture tools, planting and maintenance of these trees.

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