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  • सावली - निराधार मुलांच हक्काच घर

    सावली - निराधार मुलांच हक्काच घर

    सावली - निराधार मुलांच हक्काच घर

    सावली - निराधार मुलांच हक्काच घर

    Welcome To Savalee

    Sankalp Pratisthan Sanchalit Savalee Orphanage
    Savalee, is a dwelling for the under-privileged children, which has its site at Bhushan Nagar (Kedgaon), Ahmednagar. It is in the state of Maharashtra in India, around 3 Kms from Ahmednagar Railway Station - 6 Kms from Ahmednagar Bus Stand and 120 Kms from Pune Airport. At present, Savalee has sheltered 50 orphan children, in which there are 25 boys and 25 girls, of the age group 6 to 18. These children are orphans and underprivileged as well. Their basic right to lead a regular life has been ceased by the social injustice. Savalee tries to provide not only their fundamental needs of food - shelter and clothes, but also painstakingly endeavors to build diverse abilities in them that shall help them to stand on their own feet.

    In a nut shell, Savalee is a true residence for these orphans of ‘their own’. At Savalee, we all have an indomitable spirit to work to support every orphan by offering well-built educational base, self-respect with high ethics. Under the roof of Savalee, we strive to lend a helping hand to them to sketch a succeeding map of their respective future to lead a stable life by the balanced earning, which will certainly be a path to a better existence than to live a life of an underprivileged orphan. It always is our aim to instill the sense of the adverse effects of being an underprivileged, by which, we are sure, when they will have a sound status in the society in the future, shall help the other needy orphans around them.

    Our Work

    Orphan Children
    Women Empowerment

    It was the 5th of January 2001, when we founded Savalee Balsadan led by Sankalp Pratishthan Ahmednagar (under Social Act 1860/Regi. Maha. / 551 and 1950 F 6426 Mumbai Public Trust) with only 3 children. Then, in the month of May 2007, we shifted to an improved place at Bhushan Nagar, Kedgaon, Ahmednagar.

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